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Serving Harwich Port And All of Cape Cod
Smoke & C0 Detectors

Smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors are vital components in safeguarding your home or business. If you’re facing issues like malfunctioning detectors or concerns about safety, it’s time to seek professional assistance.

Our comprehensive services cover all aspects of smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector installation and repair. Ensure your space is well-protected and compliant with safety standards. Reach out to us, and let’s elevate your safety systems with top-quality solutions!

Our Services

  • Smoke Detector Solutions: Professional installation of new smoke detectors, replacement of outdated ones, or repair of malfunctioning units. Our skilled technicians handle every smoke detector project with precision, offering a range of options to meet your specific needs.
  • Carbon Monoxide Detector Solutions: Accurate and careful installation of carbon monoxide detectors ensures your space is protected against this silent threat. Whether you need replacements or repairs, our experienced technicians guide you through the selection process, providing options like plug-in, hardwired, or combination detectors.
  • Safety and Peace of Mind: We understand the importance of a reliable safety system. Our trained professionals ensure your detectors are functioning optimally, providing you with peace of mind.

Why Harwich Port Heating & Cooling?

  • Licensed Electricians: Our skilled electricians are licensed and insured, equipped to tackle any electrical challenge.
  • Quality Service: Committed to excellence, we take pride in surpassing your expectations with every job.
  • Advanced Technology: Utilizing the latest technology, we offer innovative solutions for your electrical needs, enhancing lighting, security, and automation.
  • Fair Pricing: Transparent and fair, our pricing comes with a free estimate, and there are no hidden fees. Your satisfaction is our priority.

Contact us today to enhance the safety of your home or business with our top-notch smoke and carbon monoxide detector services!

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