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Toilet Repair

Why Won't My Toilet Stop Running?

Having indoor plumbing is a blessing when it works right. But, when you notice a problem like a running toilet that won't stop, it can be quite frustrating. Take the time to understand the main causes of a continuous running toilet. It can allow you to get the help you need to get your toilet back to working.

Flapper Chain That Had The Wrong Adjustment

The most common cause of a running toilet that won't stop is a flapper chain that had the wrong adjustment. This chain runs from the inside of the toilet flush lever to the rubber flapper. When you flush the lever, the chain pulls up the flapper and lets water from the reserve tank into the toilet bowl. As the water refills, that flapper will drop back down and reseal. If the flapper chain is too short, it can prevent the rubber flapper from sealing. This will allow water to flow into the toilet bowl.

Dirty Flapper

Another common cause of a running toilet is a dirty flapper. As stated above, the rubber flapper creates a water-tight seal to keep the reservoir water in the tank. Over time, hard water sediments can get stuck under the rubber flapper. These prevent it from creating a proper seal. This can allow water to seep below the flapper and into the toilet bowl. Cleaning the sediment around the bottom of the flapper will fix the sealing problem. This should stop the constant water leaking.

Float Set Too High

An imperative part of your toilet is the float. It sits within the tank and tells the refill valve when to shut off. When the float is set too high, water will continue to fill the tank. Excess water will drain down the overflow pipe that connects to the bowl. Think of this as being an overflow hole in your bathtub. You can leave the water running, and it will seep out of the overflow. To stop this leak, you'll need to set the float in your tank to about one inch below the top of the overflow tube.

Worn-Out Flapper

If you've checked for all the issues above and they don't fix your issue, then your flapper valve has worn out. Over time, the flapper can wear down and not create a perfect seal at the bottom of the tank on your toilet. The good news is that it's an easy fix. We should note that there are many different flappers for different types of toilets. You'll need to ensure that you buy the right-sized flapper so that your toilet seals back up to stop the water.

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