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What Are the Different Types of HVAC Filters?

We are all aware of air filters' importance to how well heating and cooling systems work in our homes. However, different systems use different types of filters. To effectively do maintenance on them, you have to understand the various kinds of air filters. It is crucial to keep them clean to prevent costly repairs or lackluster performance.

Fiberglass Air filter

These filters are very affordable, but they are not the best at straining dust and other irritants in the air. They are completely disposable and easy to change, but these filters are not recommended for those with respiratory issues.

Pleated Air Filter

Also an affordable option, pleated air filters are excellent at screening irritants from the air that you breathe. These are made of pleated fabric, either a treated polyester or tightly woven cotton fiber with varying pleats. For added protection, select those featuring more pleats. When washing these air filters, make sure that they are completely dry before installing them again.

UV Air Filter

This fancy type of filter uses ultraviolet light to isolate and cut virus-causing bacteria on the air. It suffers a little when it comes to removing pollen and other airborne irritants, but is effective at fighting hazardous organisms. If you are prone to respiratory problems, this is the most widely recommended air filter.

Washable Air Filter

While a washable, reusable filter is better for the environment and will pay for itself in the long run, it is more expensive than most disposable filters. When washing these air filters, be sure to let them dry entirely. Otherwise, the damp fiber can produce mold or other bacteria. Follow the manufacturer's instructions for the proper maintenance of your washable air filter.

HEPA Air Filter

HEPA air filters are by far the best option for those with sensitivity to allergens. Due to their effectiveness at filtering pollutants, they are even recommended by the US Department of Energy. They filter out irritants with a 99.97% efficiency rate.

Electrostatic Air Filter

With an air filter of this kind, you can choose between a washable one or a disposable one. It uses an electrostatic charge to attract dust and other airborne particulates that can irritate your respiratory system.

Your heating and cooling systems need a good air filter to work correctly. Understand the type of filter you need and give us a call to schedule an inspection and check your system's status.

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