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Temporary Plumbing Fixes While You Wait For A Professional

Temporary Plumbing Fixes While You Wait For A Professional

Many people don't give much thought to their household plumbing system until it fails. But you and your family rely on the convenience of modern-day plumbing to stay healthy and happy. If your plumbing has recently experienced a leak, don't worry! There are some temporary fixes that can help until your plumbing professional arrives.

Apply a Water Epoxy

A very common temporary fix before a professional arrives is water epoxy. This compound can adhere to wet pipes and stop them from leaking. The epoxy hardens soon after application, so you won't have to deal with a leaky pipe for too long.

Install a Pipe Wrap

Pipe wraps are often available at most hardware stores. You can store them inside of your home for any leaky pipe occasion. You wrap them around your pipe where it's leaking, and the material will harden soon after. While pipe wraps will stop the leaking, this will only be temporary. You'll need to call in a plumbing professional to get a permanent fix.

Plumbing Repair Tape

Like a pipe wrap, plumbing repair tape is another great temporary option to stop a leaky pipe. You'll want to wrap the tape around the site of the leak to create a water-tight seal. Plumbing repair tape will only last a few days before it allows the leak to break through.

Repair Sleeves

Pipe repair sleeves are ideal for scenarios where your joints are leaking. This sleeve will fit over both ends of the joint and create a water-tight seal. Sleeves are only a temporary option and will allow the leak to burst through after a few days.

Repair Clamps

Another great option for plumbing leaks near joints is with a plumbing repair clamp. This fix consists of a small section of piping that will slide over your existing joint. The clamp will have a couple of screws that you can tighten down to secure each side of the joint inside of the clamp. While these are a great way to stop a leaky joint, you need a more permanent fix from a professional plumber.

Rubber Pipe Connectors

Another fix for plumbing leaks is the rubber pipe connector. You can apply this to loose joints. But, they can be more complex to install in straight runs of piping that is leaking. You may need to cut the piping and install the rubber pipe connector. Like the repair clamps, the rubber pipe connectors will have screws. These will tighten down and secure each side of the pipe.

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