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Summer HVAC Checklist

Summer HVAC Checklist

It is important to make sure that your HVAC system is working properly before the hot days and nights of summer arrive. Going through the following checklist will ensure your system is working at peak efficiency. Some of these items you can do yourself, while other items should be done by an HVAC professional.

How a Summer HVAC Checklist Helps You

  • Making sure your HVAC system is running smoothly each season can help you several ways like:
  • Fewer repair bills. A well-maintained system will usually not need major repairs, which saves you money.
  • Lower energy costs. When your air HVAC system is operating efficiently, you will save money cooling your home.
  • Cleaner air. A well-maintained system will also help keep your indoor air cleaner, which is healthier for you and your family.
  • You might even consider signing up for a maintenance contract. An annual HVAC system preventative check will ensure your system will always be in optimal condition.

Clean Around the HVAC System

After winter storms, there could be leaves, twigs, and other debris that can block the vents around the unit. If the vents are even partially blocked, it can greatly lower the efficiency of the HVAC system.

Replace Air Filters

Dirt and debris can clog the air filter. A clogged filter can lower the efficiency of your HVAC unit and cost more money to run. Having clean filters will keep all this dust and allergens from blowing into your home, which is important for the health of your family.

Test the HVAC System

After replacing the filters, you should test your HVAC system to see how it's working. Is it cooling off the home and keeping it cool? Do you see any leaks or hear funny noises? If you see or hear a problem, it is time to call an HVAC professional to service your system.

Clean Condenser Coils

These coils are likely to accumulate dirt and mold, lowering the effectiveness of your AC unit. If the condenser or evaporator coils are dirty, the AC system will have to run longer to cool your home.

Check Refrigerant Levels

Make sure there is plenty of refrigerant in the system. If not, the system has to work harder to keep your home cool. If the level is consistently low, there could be a leak.

Check Your Air Ducts

Have an HVAC professional check your air ducts for possible leaks. Leaks can develop, which means your system has to run longer to cool your home. Air duct leaks can reduce the performance by as much as 25 percent.

It is certainly worthwhile to have your HVAC system checked this summer. For a complete HVAC maintenance check or for more information, call us at (508) 593-9436.

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