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Shadow of kid with witch hat and other halloween paraphernalia

Spooky HVAC Stories

If you are looking to enjoy Halloween, you should give us a call. Our technicians can come to your home and solve your most frightening HVAC problems. You may feel like you live in a haunted house sometimes. You may find your HVAC system is the reason you may feel you are being haunted by ghosts or monsters. Some of the most common HVAC issues could cause you to think you have a Halloween specter in your home.

Cold Spots Around Your Home

We have all watched horror movies where rooms in a home turn cold whenever a ghost is present. We often feel cold spots around our home. We tend to blame ghosts and spirits making their way to our home. Give us a call before you blame ghosts or ghouls. We often find blocked air filters limit air movement around a home. This is what can cause those cold spots. We have also found some homes don't an HVAC system that is the correct size. This means that they do not have the power to heat every area. This can also cause cold spots.

Drafts and Closing Doors

Is there anything scarier than a door that chooses to close or open when nobody is nearby? We have all stared in disbelief as doors in a house have closed and opened on their own. It leaves us with a creepy feeling and goosebumps. When you see doors opening and closing on their own, you should look for drafts around doors and windows. These will close doors without any human help. In some cases, your HVAC system will have the wrong pressure. This means that the first blast of air moving into your property will push doors closed. It can also open them because the system's pressure is too high. This is a problem our technicians can solve with ease.

Knocking and Wailing

Many issues can cause knocking and wailing. These spooky sounds are often attributed to ghosts and specters. Oftentimes, you hear these sounds at different times of the day and night. These spooky sounds can come from a lack of routine maintenance and care for your system. Our team of technicians can take care of that.

Are looking for answers to your Halloween HVAC mysteries or want to make sure you care for your HVAC system? No need to call the Ghostbusters. Call our team at Harwich Port Hearing and Cooling to meet your HVAC needs.