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Holiday Tips

Prepare Your Plumbing For The Holidays

If you're hosting this holiday season, you're thinking about food and sleeping arrangements. One aspect of your home that you're likely not thinking about is your plumbing. Unfortunately, many homeowners end up calling emergency plumbers during the holiday season. With these tips, you can avoid any emergency plumbing calls.

Put Leftovers in the Trash

One of the biggest culprits of holiday plumbing calls is putting too much food down the drain. Resist the urge to scrape your plates over the sink. Rather, get rid of those plate leftovers via your trash can. You don't want any solid food going down your drain as it could end up clogging your house's plumbing. If need be, consider installing an inexpensive sink strainer. These catch food from plates placed in the sink.

Have a Designated Grease Container

We're sure that your holiday cooking is going to produce a large amount of grease. While you may want to put it down your drain, you should resist the urge. Putting large amounts of grease down your drain can end up creating a large plumbing issue.

As the grease turns back into its solid form, it will start to catch other materials that are going down the drain. This can lead to a system clog that needs a professional plumber to remove. Do yourself a favor and have a designated grease container ready.

Space Out Showers

With more people in your home, you're likely going to have more people using your shower. It's important that you space out those showers to be at least 15 minutes apart. This gives your hot water heater time to replenish your hot water supply. It will also allow items like hair to flush down your drain.

Be Mindful of What Gets Flushed

With many people using the facilities, it's crucial that you inform them of the items you should not flush. A note that asks your guests to restrain from flushing items should do the trick. Avoid flushing sanitary napkins, wipes, facial pads, paper towels, and cigarette butts.

Use Your Dishwasher Last

If you are running water to pre-wash dishes, then you shouldn't be running your dishwasher at the same time. It's likely that both your kitchen sink and your dishwasher use the same drain. When water is running down both of them, it can cause a backup into your drain. It's best to run one or the other.

Set Rules For Your Cooks

It's not unusual for people who have a garbage disposal at their home to put food down your sink thinking you have one. People get set in their usual ways and don't think twice when it comes to being in a different location. Do yourself a favor and set some rules for your cooks. Let everyone know where your designated grease container is. Tell them that you don't want food scraped into your sink.

Contact Us Today

If you're dealing with an unwanted plumbing issue, contact our office today. We're available around the clock for your emergency plumbing needs. During the holidays and throughout the rest of the year, we are here for you.