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Could Insects Be Coming From The HVAC System?

Could Insects Be Coming From The HVAC System?

Insects are persistent little buggers. They can find their way into your home in many ways, one of which is through your HVAC system. You may not automatically think to call an HVAC professional if you're noticing an uptick in insects in your home. However, it's a step worth taking if insect activity seems to be primarily around ducts and vents that carry air throughout your home. Here's a closer look at the connection between insects and your HVAC system – and what can be done to keep these unwelcome guests out.

How Insects Get into HVAC Systems

The top entry point for insects via an HVAC system is air vents. If you're seeing spiders and other smaller insects around your vents, this could be the main source of your insect problem. One way to deal with this issue is to have insect netting or screens installed over your HVAC vents. You can have this done professionally, or do it yourself by:

  • Removing HVAC vent covers
  • Measuring each HVAC vent
  • Cutting the screen/netting so it fits the HVAC vent opening

If you're going to install insect netting or screening on exterior HVAC vents, use caulking. What this does is form a tighter seal around the HVAC vent before the cover is replaced.

Check for Other Cracks and Insect Entry Points

As long as you're busy caulking outside your home, look for other potential entry points. Along with HVAC vents, insects can get into your home through cracks in walls or foundations, around dryer vents, or around windows and doors that aren't properly sealed or weather-stripped.

Be Mindful of Plants around Exterior AC Units

Insects can also clog the exterior part of your HVAC unit if it's surrounded by weeds or flowers. If this is the case in your yard, clear the area immediately around your outside HVAC unit. Doing so will deter insects from getting into the unit and clogging it.

Check around Your Window Units

If you don't have a full HVAC system, you may use a furnace and have window units. If this is how you cool and heat your home, be aware that insects can get in through the "fins" on either side of a window AC unit. Keep insects outside where they belong by:

• Adding screen material over the fins or panels to keep insects out
Contacting one of our HVAC pros to make sure your window units are installed correctly
• Using foam strips to create an additional barrier for insects

What Not to Do

The one thing you don't want to do about insects coming in via your HVAC system is use pesticides. First of all, this isn't very effective. Second, doing so can spread harmful chemicals throughout your indoor air.

Get Some Professional Pest Help

We're absolutely the company to call on if you need fast access to a trusted HVAC professional. However, if your HVAC system is only part of the problem, it's a good idea to call an exterminator as well. This will take care of any insects that may have found their way into other areas of your home through your HVAC system. We can then take care of any of the issues directly involving your HVAC system.

Call Us Today

Harwich is the HVAC company to call when you need an expert opinion from an HVAC professional. If you suspect issues with insects may be at least partially related to your HVAC system, give us a call. One of our HVAC professionals will check your system and ducts so any openings or flaws can be dealt with quickly and affordably.

Contact our local HVAC professionals today.

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