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Tricks To Avoid Plumbing Mayhem This Halloween

Tricks To Avoid Plumbing Mayhem This Halloween

Halloween is a time for ghoulish fun, costumes, candy, and many other enjoyable things. Unfortunately, it's also possible for Halloween fun to affect your plumbing if you're not careful. The good news is a plumbing professional from Harwich Port Heating and Cooling is a phone call away. That said, we also think it's important to take reasonable precautions to avoid unintentional plumbing mayhem this Halloween.

Don't Put Pumpkin Pulp Down Your Drains

A common Halloween plumbing problem is drains clogged from pumpkin pulp. The problem is that "pumpkin inners" are stringy, sticky, wet, and gooey. Internal pumpkin parts also contain seeds. This mixture can harden as it goes down drains and become gummy enough to cause clogs and backups. Avoid plumbing issues with pumpkin guts by:

  • Not putting pumpkin pulp down any household drains – even disposal drains
  • Placing all pumpkin guts in a large bowl
  • Disposing of them in the trash or compost pile
  • Washing bowls and utensils used for cleaning out pumpkin insides so leftover residue doesn't get into drains

Should pumpkin pulp make its way down your drains, don't rely on over-the-counter plumbing products like liquid drain cleaners. Pumpkin pulp doesn't break down like other organic materials. It's best to call on a plumbing professional instead if one of your drains becomes clogged from pumpkin parts.

Be Careful with Halloween Makeup

Excess makeup can also wreak havoc on drains and other parts of your plumbing system. Avoid putting any makeup you use to get yourself or your kids ready for some haunting season fun down household drains. If possible, put any leftover face paint or other types of makeup in a Ziploc bag to save it for next year. Also with Halloween makeup, we recommend:

Throwing cotton balls and sponges used for makeup in the trash.
Not putting washcloths or any clothing with oil-based products in your washing machine. Put the washcloths used for oil-based paint or makeup in a bucket of warm water and mild detergent before washing them.

Properly Discard Candy Wrappers (or Unwanted Candy)

Kids love digging into their Halloween candy stashes. Discarded candy wrappers can be a problem if flushed down a toilet or put down other drains. This is also true with discarded candy that's unwanted or not eaten completely. Put trash cans in areas where your kids sort through and eat their candy to encourage proper disposal of wrappers and unwanted candy.

Call Us Today

If you're already noticing a few issues here and there with your plumbing, reach out to Harwich Port Heating and Cooling. We'll check things out and resolve any plumbing issues you may have now so you can have a safe, fun, and worry-free Halloween season. We're also at your service if any post-Halloween plumbing attention is needed. Contact a plumbing professional from our team today for any plumbing help you may need.

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