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Air Conditioning Estimate

Questions To Ask During Your Air Conditioning Estimate

When you own a home, the highest bill besides your mortgage is often your utility bill. Having a reliable HVAC system starts with an estimate from an HVAC professional. When they arrive at your home, there are many factors that go into an estimate. This includes your home's square footage, existing infrastructure, and so forth. Asking questions is a great way to ensure that you get a cooling system that meets your needs.

What Size System Should You Get?

All air conditioning systems have a rating capacity, often in BTUs. Your HVAC professional will use a formula known as the Manual J Load Calculation. This takes in many different factors  to determine how many BTUs your system needs to produce. This includes the total square footage of your home and usual climate.

Can You Use Your Current Infrastructure?

If you've already updated your A/C system, you likely already have the infrastructure in your home. See if you can use the same infrastructure or if you'll need to upgrade that as well. Most companies include a free inspection of your existing infrastructure as well.

How Energy-Efficient is a New System?

When you get your free estimate, determine how energy-efficient it's going to be. Part of upgrading your air conditioning system is using a more efficient system. This helps to lower your utility bills. Ask your HVAC technician about the system's SEER rating. Ask what you can expect to save in energy costs throughout the year.

Are There Rebates or Tax Credits You Can Enjoy?

Both state and federal governments prefer more energy-efficient technology for homes. To show their support, both tend to offer various tax rebates and credits that you can claim as a homeowner. It's best to ask which ones you qualify for during your free estimate consultation. Depending on your savings, it could make an impact on what cooling system you buy.

What's the Timetable For the Installation Process?

It's always a good idea to know how the installation process will go. During your free estimate consultation, you should be figuring out what you need to do. You'll also decide on the necessary timetable for the installation process. This will give you peace of mind and can let you know when they will install your new system. Plus, they'll tell you your responsibilities leading up to that installation day.

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