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How Long Does an Air Conditioning Unit Last?

How Long Does an Air Conditioning Unit Last?

During the hot summer weather, businesses and households in Massachusetts depend upon air conditioning systems. High outdoor temperatures bring discomfort. Sizzling, humid conditions even imperil physical health in some cases. By ensuring a comfortable flow of chilled indoor air, HVAC systems offer important benefits. Central air conditioning systems, like the ones offered by Harwich Port Heating and Cooling, remain very popular due to their superior energy efficiency. Perhaps not surprisingly, our customers in Harwich Port frequently wonder how long an air conditioning unit typically lasts? We've compiled a list of three factors to consider in evaluating this issue:

1. Brand And Model Specifications

In order to determine the anticipated lifespan of your air conditioning unit or central air / central heat HVAC system, consult the owner's manual. This document typically indicates the equipment's expected longevity. Some manufacturers warrant equipment for extended periods of time. Others provide only limited warranties. Many factors enter into this situation, including the quality of the components utilized in the assembly.

Does a lengthy anticipated HVAC lifespan ensure the equipment will endure for at least the average period of time? Unfortunately, it does not. Many considerations enter into the durability of an individual air conditioning unit. Property owners help ensure they receive optimal value from this equipment by maintaining it in good condition.

2. Frequency of Use

For example, one factor which often impacts the longevity of a heating and cooling system relates to the frequency of use. Over the course of time, in general, extensively utilized parts tend to wear out faster than infrequently used ones. Customers who reside in tropical climates in which households operate air conditioning units on a 24/7 basis throughout the year may need to supply more frequent maintenance in order to keep HVAC equipment in smoothly running condition.

As air circulates through an air conditioning unit, it often carries along tiny particles of dust and debris. Over the course of time, heavily used equipment may become less efficient as a result. Today, manufacturers like the builders of the superb XL20i unit, design well-engineered products for the consumer market.

3. Essential Cleaning And Maintenance

Obtaining regular preventative maintenance services offers value. Technicians change filters and replace heavily worn and damaged parts. This process enhances efficient operation.

Also consider seeking regular HVAC inspections. You'll detect many potential problems more quickly. Protect your investment in a high quality cooling system!

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