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Guardian Air Brand UV Lighting

Improving indoor air quality is a primary concern for residents and business owners in Harwich Port. New innovations and technologies have evolved and provided homes with a superior solution for active air purification. Harwich Port Heating & Cooling is your trusted local source for all of your indoor climate control needs, including the most advanced air purification technologies available.


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Guardian Air Brand UV Lighting
Pure air

How Active Air Purification Works

The Guardian Air QR+ system is installed by the team at Harwich Port Heating & Cooling. It is placed directly in your air duct, but it is not a filtration system. This product emits advanced oxidation plasma, which is also known as AOP, throughout the air ducts. The air does not have to pass through the QR+ system to be purified because the AOP spreads throughout the ducts. In this way, the QR+ system is an active format for air purification. More than that, it does not reduce particles through filtration. Instead, it seeks pollutants out actively at their source to produce cleaner, healthier air.

Guardian Air

AOP Combined with UV Light

Advanced oxidation plasma that is emitted from the Guardian Air QR+ system includes healthy, natural oxidizers. These are superoxide, hydroxide ions, hydro-peroxides and other ions. After these oxidizers have targeted pollutants, they return to oxygen or hydrogen gasses. The QR+ system is enhanced by UV lighting. UV light is known for destroying bacteria, viruses and other germs, but it is ineffective on odors, gases and other unhealthy elements that may be in your home’s air. The QR+ system utilizes UV lighting in combination with essential, natural oxidizers to improve indoor air quality dramatically.

The Benefits of QR+

The innovative Guardian Air system is installed in your home’s or business’s air ducts to target unhealthy microorganisms directly while also releasing advanced oxidation plasma to target gases and odors. This multi-pronged approach effectively generates improved air quality in your home or business. Problematic odors may be eradicated. The building’s occupants may breathe easier as well. The QR+ unit is designed to be maintenance-free. Once it is installed in the air duct, you can appreciate its benefits hassle-free going forward.

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QR+ is an advanced, innovative, and highly-effective product that will benefit everyone in the home or business building. If you are concerned about your building’s air quality, now is the time to contact your local HVAC service provider. Call (508) 593-9436 to learn more about how this in-duct air purification equipment may work well in your home or business.