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5 Common HVAC Mistakes Homeowners Make

5 Common HVAC Mistakes Homeowners Make

Owning a home can be a significant amount of work because of the different features and appliances that need maintenance throughout the year. Some people fail to give the HVAC system enough attention, leading to excess wear and damage. As a homeowner, it's important to learn the most common HVAC mistakes homeowners make.

1. Failing to Repair Leaks

Gaps and cracks that are present in the building can cause the HVAC system to work harder than necessary to run. It's important to hire a professional to repair the ductwork, which will boost the appliance's operation and make it easier to maintain a consistent temperature in the building.

2. Neglecting Routine Maintenance

Due to the many different parts and components in HVAC systems, routine maintenance is essential to ensure everything is working correctly. It's important to schedule routine maintenance every few months to ensure minor issues are immediately repaired and that the unit is thoroughly cleaned to improve its operation. Routine maintenance will reduce your energy usage and also extend the lifespan of the parts.

3. Attempting the Repairs Yourself

You may want to save money with your HVAC system by repairing any issues that may be present, but this can lead to more severe issues if you don't have proper training or experience. Although it may cost money to hire a professional, it can save you time and money because of their skill level. You'll end up risking causing damage to the unit if you try to work on the parts if you don't know what you're doing.

4. Forgetting to Clean the Air Filters

The air filters influence the airflow in the HVAC system and can cause the unit to work too hard to keep the building's interior cool or warm. Dirty air filters can also affect the indoor air quality and cause dust and dirt to circulate in the building as the HVAC system operates.

5. Installing a Small or Large HVAC System

Without a professional technician's help, it can be easy to purchase the wrong size unit. An expert will tell you the HVAC system's correct size to install based on the square footage in your home. If you install a unit that is too small, it will cause the unit to work too hard to heat or cool the house and can cause the system to always run, which will increase your energy bill. HVAC systems that are too large for your home can cause you to use more energy than necessary, which means wasting a lot of money throughout the year.

Do you still have questions about maintaining your HVAC unit? Contact us today to discover more ways to maintain your HVAC system and keep it running well over time.

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