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How To Quiet Your Noisy Pipes

One annoying sound that you may hear coming from your home from time to time is your water pipes. There are many reasons that they could be noisy. These include loose mounting straps, high water pressure, and so forth. With the right knowledge, you can help to quiet those noisy pipes and get more peace in your home.

Mounting Straps

For your pipes to be noise-free, they should adhere to the surfaces that they come into contact with. If your pipes aren't strapped to the studs, the force of the water moving through the pipe can cause the pipe to shift. This will make for a noisy pipe that you will notice every time you turn on your water. You can solve this by attaching your existing piping to the studs via mounting straps. The idea is to ensure that the pipe is secure so that it won't move whenever you turn the water on.

Water Pressure Monitors

The amount of pressure used to force water through the pipes of your home can impact how loud your piping is. If you have very high water pressure, you're going to hear banging pipes. One of the best ways to fix this issue is to install a water pressure monitor. This will allow you to know exactly what the water pressure is set at. You can reduce it when necessary to ensure it's at a safer, quieter level.


Unfortunately, temperature changes can cause noisy pipes as they expand and contract. The good news is that you can install pipe insulation to help dampen the noise. There are many different types of insulation to choose from. These include pipe sleeves and pipe wrapping. The main goal is to ensure that you're able to cover all exposed areas of the piping to create a necessary barrier.

Soundproofing Wraps

Another way to help dampen the sounds that your pipes may make is to use a soundproofing wrap. This is a special material that comes in a roll where you wrap it around all exposed piping. The composite material creates a necessary barrier between the pipe and the rest of the room. It's a good idea to consult a plumber to help quiet your noisy pipes with this particular product.

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