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 Can Sewer Line Issues Cause Indoor Air Quality Issues?

Can Sewer Line Issues Cause Indoor Air Quality Issues?

One key yet subtle and often ignored aspect of your household is its indoor air quality. The indoor air quality of your home can have adverse effects on your health and home's comfort. Something that ought to worry house owners, as our indoor air is at least two to fives times dirtier than outdoor air.

Many issues can contribute to the decrease in the quality of air inside your home. One such area of yours is the plumbing and sewer line system. Here are some plumbing problems that will decrease your indoor air quality.

Pipe Leaks

If your pipes are leaking, you leave your home at the risk of moist conditions and stinking waste. Both these consequences of pipes will contaminate your air with biological growth and awful dampness or sewage odors. It is important that you keep watch of any of the signs below and repair leaks as soon as they occur.

  • Presence of wet stains or spots in your walls or land surrounding your pipes can signal leaks.
  • Wastewater from your sewer lines is a healthy source of moisture and fertilizer for grass. If your grass or landscape looks amazing overnight, consider hiring a plumbing professional to check for pipe leaks.
  • Leaks onto concrete materials or walls in your home can cause it to crack, damaging the structure and outlook of your home.
  • Dripping water is a clear sign of water leaks
  • To avoid aggravating existing health issues and bad smells in your home, hire sewer line cleaning or plumbing repairs.

Broken Sewer Pipes and Sewer Backups

Your sewer line is an intricately installed system. Any faulty installation or malfunctions in the plumbing can often lead to pipe damage such as drain clogs, broken sewer pipes, or sewage backups. It is best to hire a plumbing professional to inspect your system and perform any maintenance services accurately. Such complications can deteriorate your indoor air quality leading to health complications such as sinuses and other allergies. Here are some reasons for sewer line problems.

The age and materials used in making your pipes
Tree roots infiltration
Faulty pipe installations and weak joints

The Health Risk

The sewer line issues discussed above cause conditions that favor the growth of molds and provide a habitat for bacteria. As a result, the risks of contracting allergies or further aggravating existing health conditions are significantly higher. Stay keen on the state of your sewer line and save yourself and your loved ones from health complications such as exhaustion, headaches, slow or shallow breathing, respiratory infections, and poor concentration or focus.

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Call Harwich Port Heating and Cooling today and hire a plumbing professional for all your repair and replacements needed. Proper plumbing habits go a long way towards maintaining high indoor air quality.

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