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Hot Summer Indoors

How to Keep Your Home Cool Without Air Conditioning

Summer With No Air Conditioning

There are numerous things you can do to to keep your home cool without air conditioning. You can invest in economical solutions to help further cool down your home naturally. Once you know the basics about heating and cooling your home, you will save a ton of money on air conditioning costs.

Understand What Your Home Needs

One of the main things you can do to cool your home is to find a way to prevent the sun's radiant heating on your windows. If you have older windows, all you need is shade. You can also have energy-efficient windows installed.

Whether you want to keep your home heated or cooled, you will need ample insulation for your home. Any sort of leak will cause your home to lose cool air during the warmer months and heat during the colder months. Insulation will help to prevent this phenomenon. However, you need to take a look at other areas of your home. For instance, your garage could be heating up during the summer. Any adjacent wall shared with the garage will eventually cause other rooms in the house to heat up. Replacing your garage door and ensuring it has adequate insulation will help to keep your home heated and cooled at the appropriate times. Your windows can also leak a significant amount of heated and cooled air to leave the home and enter it, which is another reason to look into energy-efficient windows.

Take Advantage of Other Factors

Spraying down your yard can help create a cooling effect. A "cool roof" can help to prevent the urban heat island phenomenon that occurs when the roof heats up and causes everything around it to heat up as well. You can use canopies outside, cooling mists and other cooling features in your yard to help create a cooling effect around your house. Given that you want to naturally heat and cool your home as much as possible, it's important to note that you should get regular HVAC maintenance to avoid exorbitant cooling rates down the road. Regular HVAC maintenance by an HVAC professional will ensure that your HVAC system is running optimally, which will save you money throughout the year. You should get your system checked twice a year by an HVAC professional. It will also help to ensure that you won't be stuck on a steaming or freezing day when you need cooling and heating the most.

For more tips on how to cool and heat your home, contact Harwich Port Heating & Cooling at (508) 593-9436 for more information today or schedule your next service online here.

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