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Heating a Garage

3 Best Tips for Heating a Garage

Are one of the millions of homeowners who use their garage for more than storing their cars at night? If so, then you have thought about making the space a little more comfortable. For many, that involves being able to heat the garage. Because the garage space wasn't made for this type of add-on, it can be tricky to start. Lucky for you, you can use a few methods. This can include insulation and ductless installation. These are a few of the options you have at your disposal.

Determine the Type of Heating System You Need

Determining the type of heating system you need comes down to the size of the space and how much power you want. Other factors, such as how harsh the winters are and the garage's current condition, are also vital. When it comes to your heating options, you will find some different options. Convection heaters, electric space heaters, or forced air heaters are a few options. If you're looking for the less expensive route, a forced-air heater is not going to need any duct systems. You could even attach it to your home's current gas or propane lines.

Consider Ductless Installation

Speaking of ductless options, this is the route most homeowners want to take. This is because it costs less to install and is easy to operate. In fact, many of those heaters will come with a remote for easy control. Although they need weekly maintenance, they won't need you to blast the heating to cover the space. It also won't force you to install extra features to your garage.

Keep Your Garage Warm with Insulation

Even if you have the best heater on the market, that is not going to be enough. That heat is going to escape right out of your garage door. So, what can you do about it? Insulation is your best bet. It helps to keep most of your heat within the space. It would be best to focus on insulating your garage walls and the door itself. Adding weather stripping to the bottom of your garage door can go a long way.

The information above is a great starting point for those wanting to heat their garage. We recommend contacting Harwich Port Heating and Cooling. We can provide you with specific information about your garage. Call now and begin feeling the comfort of a heated garage.