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Don't Forget Your HVAC System When Preparing For Thanksgiving

Don't Forget Your HVAC System When Preparing For Thanksgiving

What's on your Thanksgiving to-do list? Odds are good it doesn't include anything related to your HVAC system. We understand since most people aren't thinking about HVAC concerns during the holidays. However, by adding "HVAC system prep" to your Thanksgiving to-do list, you'll be reducing your odds of needing an HVAC professional when you have a houseful of guests and a meal waiting to be enjoyed. Continue reading to discover some handy HVAC prep tips to keep in mind.

Dust Your HVAC Vents

Even a light dusting with a vacuum or attachment tool can be beneficial for the vents and registers that regularly deliver cooled or heated air throughout your home. Ask an HVAC technician about a more thorough cleaning if you believe the ductwork attached to your vents may need some attention, too.

Change/Clean Your HVAC Filter

Improve the quality of your indoor air for your Thanksgiving guests by making sure your HVAC filter has been changed. If you have a reusable filter, follow the manufacturer's directions for cleaning. Reusable filters are usually cleaned with mild soap and warm water. A changed or cleaned filter also eases strain on your HVAC system, which further reduces the risk of unexpected emergency HVAC service needs.

Ease Your Thermostat Down a Few Degrees

Whether it's the turkey and the fixings or pies and other goodies you're baking for after the main meal, Thanksgiving cooking and baking can heat up your kitchen and nearby areas. Keep everyone comfy by turning down your thermostat a few degrees. This is also a great way to save your heating bill. Do the same thing if you'll be away from home for Thanksgiving.

Consider an Air Filtration System

Thanksgiving is right around the time of year when the cold and flu season is starting. By investing in an air filtration system or similar air purification device you'll be creating a cleaner, healthier indoor air environment. This is something that can benefit both you and your guests on Thanksgiving. It's also beneficial for everyone in your household throughout the year.

Check for Air Leaks

Your HVAC system will also work more efficiently on Thanksgiving and at other times of the year if it's not fighting air leaks. Outside air coming into your home – or vice-versa with heated air leaking outside – makes your HVAC system work a lot harder just to maintain the desired temperature. Also, drafts can make your holiday guests a bit less comfortable if you'll be hosting dinner for the big day. Find and resolve issues with air leaks by:

  • Checking around your windows and doors
  • Replacing worn or missing caulking or weather-stripping
  • Checking your attic and/or basement for any places where air may be coming and going

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