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Dehumidify the home

Can Air Conditioners Remove Humidity?

According to the average homeowner, air conditioners only bring down temperatures by blowing cool air into indoor spaces. While this is right, air conditioners do a little more than just cooling spaces. The truth is that most modern air conditioning units have been designed to remove heat and humidity. We understand the discomfort brought in by heat during the summer. As if that’s not enough, you might have to deal with humid conditions in the absence of an air conditioner. In this piece, we aim at explaining how air conditioners lower humidity in your home.

Will Your Air Conditioner Help Remove Humid Conditions in Your Home?

We can debate this all day, but the final answer to this question is YES!. With the right size and model of air conditioner, you can enjoy reduced humidity levels in your home. But how does an air conditioning unit make this possible?

How Does Your Air Conditioner Lower Humidity Levels?

If you’ve been looking for a setting on your air conditioning unit, responsible for regulating humidity, you won’t find it. Buckle up because it’s about to get a little technical. Your AC has an evaporator coil located within the system. Just below it, you might locate a condensate pan. The cold evaporator coil comes into contact with hot and humid air in your home and brings it down to a cool. The moisture in the air condenses to make your indoor air quality less humid. The condensed vapor then recollects in the condensate pan, where it's redirected into a drain and poured out. It’s important to note that not all conditioners are designed to reduce humidity using this method. We are talking about some older models of air conditioners.

Understanding the Process in Layman’s Language

Essentially, you can think about this process like this: you’ve noticed condensation as water rolls down the outer side of your cold soda bottle. In the same way, the evaporator coil sucks out moisture from the air blowing into your home, reducing humidity.

What if Your Air Conditioning Unit Doesn’t Solve the Problem Sufficiently?

At times, homeowners have complained of investing in modern air conditioners, but unfortunately, they don’t cure the problem adequately. You may want to invest in a dehumidifier whose sole responsibility is to remove the surplus moisture from the air. Replacing your older air conditioning unit that doesn’t support these features may also help you with the humidity menace. Experts recommend investing in the right size of AC for maximum benefits.

Have you been trying to understand the link between humidity and air conditioning units? There you have it! Call us now to enjoy top-notch air conditioning services and guidance from our experts.

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