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HVAC Zoning
Is HVAC Zoning Right For My Home?
Zoning can ensure that parts of your home get heated and cooled properly, instead of just relying on one thermostat to do all the work.
Water Pressure
How to Test Your Water Pressure
Having water pressure that is too low or high can cause damage. This is why you will want to test your water pressure often. But how do you do it?
Drain Cleaners
Are Liquid Drain Cleaners Safe For Your Plumbing?
Many homeowners pour drain cleaner down the drain to deal with clogs. Unfortunately, using a drain cleaner can actually damage your plumbing system.
Risks of too much AC
The Risks Of Using Too Much Air Conditioning
Many people are surprised to find out that being exposed to too much air conditioning can be hazardous to their health.
Leaking Refrigerant
How Can I Tell If My A/C is Leaking Refrigerant?
Leaking refrigerant will not only make it difficult for your air conditioner to work efficiently, but it can be dangerous to your health.
What Is Mildew and Should I Be Concerned?
Many homeowners believe that mold and mildew are the same thing, but they are completely different. Learn what mildew is and its potential dangers.