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Air Conditioning Options

Air Conditioning Options for Older Homes

Staying cool in an older home can be a challenge without an air conditioner. While opening the windows and turning on the fans can move the air, it doesn't cool it down. The better choice is to install an air conditioning system that cools the entire house. Let's look at these three air conditioning options that you should consider:

1. Central Air Conditioning

A central air conditioner can keep your older home cool throughout the hot summer months. It requires the installation of an evaporator, compressor, and condenser. It cools the air inside and sends the heat outside. Ductwork, installed in the walls and ceilings, distributes the air throughout the home. A central thermostat controls the temperature and fan.

One considerable challenge with putting central air conditioning in an older home is installing the ductwork. Older homes weren't built with ductwork included. That means the ductwork must be retrofitted into the unique floor plan.

2. Heat Pump

A heat pump offers both heating and cooling in a single unit. During the summer months, it works much as a central air conditioning system, extracting heat inside and taking it outside. In the winter months, the system reverses itself. It extracts heat from the outside and brings it inside. The system is highly energy efficient, except in extremely cold temperatures.

In many cases, heat pumps are more expensive than central air conditioning systems. They also use ductwork to distribute the cooled/heated air throughout the home. This means the job includes the price of retrofitting ducts into the house.

3. Ductless Systems

Another option for cooling your older home is a ductless system. With this type of air conditioner, you don't need the ductwork. Instead, the outside system connects with a wall-hung unit positioned high on the wall inside. They are connected via a small pipe that goes out through the wall. You control the temperature with the inside unit and a remote control. You can get ductless systems as air conditioners or as heat pumps.

Ductless systems are an excellent choice for older homes without existing ductwork. However, you may need multiple inside and outside units to keep the entire house comfortable. This increases installation and maintenance costs. While the inside units are hung high on the wall, they are still a visual presence that you may not want.

Installing a new air conditioning system to an older home is an investment that is worth having in the long run. Before you make your choice between a central air conditioner, a heat pump, or a ductless system, it's a good idea to talk with an air conditioning expert. Contact Harwich Port Heating and Cooling today. We are happy to discuss each option and help you make the right choice for your older home.

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