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 Air Conditioner Types for Homes

Air Conditioner Types for Homes

When you think summertime, we're sure you can be thankful that you have an air conditioning unit to keep you cool and comfortable. Sometimes those hot summer days can just get exhausting when you're out in the heat. By having the right air conditioning unit, you'll be sure to receive the cooling benefits that you'll need to start feeling comfortable again. The type of air conditioning unit that you choose can make a big difference in how cool you feel.

Central Air Conditioning

One of the most popular types of air conditioners is central air conditioning. This type of cooling unit is typically more preferable for larger homes due to its ability to effectively cool the area. This type of system works by circulating cool air through return and supply ducts throughout your entire home. You can indicate these systems by the registers throughout the home along with a thermostat on the wall.

Ductless Mini-Split Systems

Another major player in the HVAC market is the ductless mini-split system. This type of system is great to install in homes that don't already have existing ductwork. They're also perfect for adding cooling to a single area of your home that does not meet with your existing air conditioning unit. With this type of system, a wall-mounted unit is installed. The user can simply use the remote to program in their desired temperature and the machine cools the room until it reaches that desired level.

Window Units

The most traditional form of air conditioning is the window unit. These are typically useful for homes that don't already have existing ductwork. This unitary unit is simply temporarily installed in an open window of a room. The unit emits the warm air outside while blowing cool air inside. Any HVAC professional will tell you that this type of unit is only efficient when your aim is to cool one or two rooms in your home. Each unit will have a square footage cooling capacity. You'll need to follow the recommendation, otherwise, you'll find that your home isn't getting cooled appropriately.

Portable Air Conditioners

This type of unit is fairly newer to the HVAC market. It works best in places where you're only looking to cool a single room or two and have limited window space. Most window units require a standard size window to be placed in. When the room that you need cooling in doesn't have windows big enough, you can rely on a portable air conditioner. This only requires a small area of the window to run out an exhaust hose for the hot air outside.

When it comes to having the right air conditioner for your home or office, it pays to talk with the HVAC professionals at Harwich Port Heating & Cooling. They have the knowledge and expertise to help suggest the best unit to fit your needs. Be sure to contact us today if you're still unsure what type of unit will work best for the area that you need to be cooled down this summer. Call now at (508) 593-9436.

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