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Plumbing Smell

Why Does My Plumbing Smell So Bad?

As a homeowner, you're always on the lookout for anything unusual with your home. If you start to notice smells coming from your plumbing, it's likely a sign that something is wrong. These smells don't have to be a cause for any major concern. They should be addressed soon, though. No one should have to deal with unpleasant plumbing odors.

Breach Problems in Your Sewer Line

There's a sewer line that runs underneath your home to your city sewer hookup or a home septic tank. When there is a breach somewhere in the line, sewage will escape. This sewage will create a nasty smell that is easy to pick up. Many culprits can cause a breach. Some of the most common are tree roots, massive clogs, and ground sinking.

Debris in Your Garbage Disposal

It's not uncommon for some debris to get stuck in your garbage disposal. When this happens, clean it out. You'll want to start by unplugging the disposal. This is to avoid any injuries. Use a basic dish soap and a sponge to help remove a good bit of debris. If there is still a smell, you should consider pouring vinegar and baking soda into the disposal. These can help to get rid of the bad smell.

P-Trap Issues

Underneath every plumbing fixture in your home should be a p-trap. These traps hold in a small amount of water. They prevent unwanted odors and gases from coming inside your home. When using certain fixtures often, the water in the p-trap can dry up. This leaves the trap exposed to unwanted gasses. Cycle water through the plumbing fixture to remedy the problem.

Biofilm Build-Up

Found in the shower, bio-film is a residue. Leftover cleansing products, like shampoo and conditioner, can create this . Over time, these leftover materials can form into a thick filmy layer. This will attract bacteria and end up stinking. You should pour hot water down your drain. Follow this with a cup of vinegar and a half a cup of baking soda. After a couple of hours, pour hot water down the drain. That should get rid of the biofilm and the nasty smell.

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If you experience unwanted smells from your plumbing, you may be able to fix it on your own. If you can't, you can always rely on our highly experienced plumbing professionals to take care of it for you. At Harwich Port Heating and Cooling, your comfort and safety is our priority. Call us today if you have some weird smells coming from your plumbing.