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8 Tips to Reducing Your Energy Cost this Fall

We know that colder temperatures often mean higher electric bills. The average electric bill is about $189 each month in the fall and winter. We use more electricity during the winter, which explains the added costs. If your electric bill costs more than average, you will want to enjoy extra savings. The following eight tips can help reduce electric bill costs each month.

Turn Down the Thermostat

By turning the thermostat down 10 degrees for many hours a day, you can save up to 10% per year on heating and cooling. Turn down the temperature while everyone is working or at school or when you sleep. You'll save an average of 3% on your energy bill for every two degrees you turn down the thermostat.

Seal Those Cracks

Seal up the house to keep warm air inside during the fall and winter seasons. Caulk and weather strip seal up holes that allow warm air to seep outdoors. Add weather stripping to doors and around windows.

Change Your Furnace Filters

When your furnace has a clean filter, it doesn't work as hard to warm the home. Check your filters and change them every three months. Filters cost about $20 or less and take little to no time to change. Replacing filters every three months can save as much as 15% on the energy bill!

Schedule an Energy Audit

An energy audit tests your home's efficiency. It also suggests areas that could use improvement. Heed the advice of the energy audit and expect a considerable amount of savings on energy bill costs.

Conserve Water

Hot water takes about 12% onto your energy bill every month. Use less hot water and notice a drop in energy bill costs each month. Lower the water heater's temperature and take shorter showers. You can also install low-flow fixtures and take other steps to conserve hot water.

Switch to Energy-Saving Light Bulbs

Buy lightbulbs that include the ENERGY STAR label. They're cost-effective and more energy-efficient than traditional light bulbs. Households that make the switch can save up to 5% on their energy bills. That's as much as $45 each year.

Call a Repairman

Expect problems with the HVAC system, especially as the unit ages. Do not ignore these issues as the damage will worsen. You'll also spend more to repair the damage when you finally make the call to a professional.

Natural Heating

Open the blinds and allow sunshine to come into the home during the day when it is warm to save on energy costs. Be sure to close the blinds to keep the heat inside at night.

Need more ideas to help lower your fall energy costs? Call Harwich Port Heating & Cooling for fall HVAC maintenance and a tune-up. We can even provide more money-saving ideas and strategies.