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Control Products - Intermediate Freeze Alarm FA1

FA-1 Freeze AlarmIntermediate freeze alarm units are the most common of the freeze alarm dialers from Control Products. The Intermediate Freeze Alarm (model FA1) will let users call in any time to check the temperature and get an accurate temperature reading. If or when the temperature falls below the users pre-defined threshold the temperature alarm will call up to three different phone numbers to alert individuals to the temperature conditions. You can call into the Freeze Alarm from anywhere in the world at any time and check the current temperature, whether or not the power is on and even the backup batteries status. 

FA-1 model is the most popular – we sell the device along with installation for $500.00.

General Description

The FA-D (fahrenheit) and FA-D-AAB (celsius) FreezeAlarm™ monitors temperature, power status, security or an external contact,and offers remote switch control capability. Upon an alarm condition,the FreezeAlarm™ automatically dials up to three phone numbers with a voice message. Current temperature and alarm conditions can be checked by calling the FreezeAlarm™ from any remote location.


Applications include remote temperature, power and security monitoring of refrigeration, heating and air conditioning equipment for buildings (homes, cabins and commercial buildings) and monitoring of any relay output system or sensor. The remote switch control feature can be used to control thermostats or equipment from any Touch Tone™ phone (additional parts and labor may be needed).


  • Adjustable high & low temperature alarm setpoints
  • Three telephone number call out, up to 16 digits each
  • Power loss call out alarm
  • Low battery call out alarm
  • Remote access to programming menu and current condition status
  • Monitors an open contact
  • Remote control switch relay
  • Location identification number
  • Custom voice message recording
  • Selectable 15 minute or 2 hour call out interval
  • Selectable 10 or 3 ring call out
  • Security coded access to programming menu
  • Dials out in pulse or tone
  • LED status indicators
  • Battery back-up (9 volt-not included)